About Us

Our goal is to better the world, one nut at a time. UKWAZI macadamia oil and macadamia nuts are not only a healthier, tastier option than many other products on the market, but they provide jobs and educational opportunities to African citizens, too. When we planted over 14,000 macadamia trees on a 150 acre plot of land on African Christian College’s Swaziland campus beginning in 1997, we knew that we were growing more than an orchard—we were planting a seed to provide the means to nurture the development of future African leaders for years to come.


“Ukwazi,” in Zulu, means “knowledge.” It all started with the knowledge of the founding chairman of African Christian College, who discovered that the 150-acre patch of uncultivated land on campus contained the ideal soil and climate to produce the tastiest macadamia nuts the world has ever seen. Building upon that knowledge, a team of students, faculty and community members worked hard to learn how to grow and nurture a successful orchard, sparking the creation of the Tree of Life Project. An initiative to create a living endowment to fund African Christian College, the Tree of Life Project soon became the ultimate lesson in sustainability.


Like any worthwhile investment, it took time and patience for our orchard to produce enough smooth, buttery macadamia nuts to financially contribute to African Christian College and its students. Setbacks along the way, including a fire in 2001 that all but devastated the orchard, were accepted as learning opportunities and the quest for “ukwazi” prevailed. After many years of lessons and growth, the orchard not only produces premium macadamia nuts, and the premium macadamia oil they yield, but it stands as a shining example of the power of knowledge, or ukwazi.


Today, our hard work and patience has paid off, and we are ready to share the fruit (or nuts!) of our labor with the rest of the world. As our orchard has grown, African Christian College has grown with it, and we now use the profits from UKWAZI products to provide scholarships and fund school programs in an effort to develop the next generation of Africa’s visionary leaders. We hope you’ll buy UKWAZI Makadamia’s products because they taste good and are good for you. But we also hope you’ll buy our delicious macadamia products because they are helping to build a better world.

African Christian College


Founded in 1967 under the name Manzini Bible School (the institution changed its name in 2007), African Christian College (ACC) has been grooming Africa’s next generation of leaders for over 40 years. Located on a 200 acre campus in the Kingdom of Swaziland, South Africa, ACC’s vision is to transform the continent of Africa through producing visionary leaders with integrity and a deep understanding of the Bible and the world around them. Currently offering a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree with majors in ministry, leadership and counseling, ACC intends for its graduates to be well equipped to serve a changing Africa, “scattered like salt among the rich, the poor, the educated, the unschooled, the violent, the peaceful.”


Relying mainly on financial support from The Montgomery Boulevard Church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico in its early days, ACC soon realized that in order to fulfill its vision of becoming a truly African college—not totally or primarily dependent on outside funding—it must create a plan for sustainability. Quite literally planting the seed to create a living endowment for the college, ACC founded the “Tree of Life Project” in 1997, designating 150 acres of uncultivated land on the school’s campus for planting an orchard of macadamia trees. Now containing over 14,000 macadamia trees tended to by a staff of eight full time employees, a dozen temporary employees and three dozen students, the orchard provides employment to community members while financially contributing to the future of African Christian College.


Finally producing a large enough harvest to contribute financially to ACC, the orchard produces the premium quality nuts used in all UKWAZI Makadamia products. Currently sold at HEB and Central Market stores across Texas, the success of UKWAZI Makadamia Inc. serves African Christian College’s mission to prepare a new generation of visionary leaders to enrich Africa through their endeavors.