God’s Renovation of My Life

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This post is part of a series of posts from our graduating third year students.  Today’s post is from Felix Odiwour Rawago from Kenya. On 29 November 2014, he graduated with his Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Leadership.

My name is Felix Odiwuor Rawago, and I am a Kenyan citizen who is happily married to Rachel C. Odiwuor and are blessed with two kids; son Gil and daughter Liz who went to be with the Lord. We are an extremely happy family in Christ where our marriage was founded seven years ago.

My coming to ACC was intrigued by the direction from the Lord who saved me from a filthy life. I walked with God for a while before He directed my path to African Christian College.

I believe He led me here to sit at His feet for three years and listen.

Never did I know how this was going to look like, but I trusted Him through it all.  ACC has been the place to be still and listen to God as He whispered to my heart. I have struggled to silence all other voices competing to shout at me in deception. Finally, I believe I heard the words of God for my life. I feel humbled and better than I was three years ago for I feel very strong in the heart, though weak in the flesh.

ACC has helped me learn great lessons.

First, to be a servant rather than being served. I have learned to love people as they are; to share the agape. I learned that the best way to preach the Gospel is by living your sermon. This simply means that my actions ought to be much louder than my words.

I feel really humbled by God’s presence. ACC taught me to understand that I didn’t know everything, and therefore, I needed to be open to learn every day.

ACC inspired my life through its profound organization. I am flabbergasted by the multicultural state of the college. Over seven nationalities and different cultures cohabiting this one place.  This has been of great blessing beyond measure.

I have had the ability to serve in Swaziland churches to assist in strengthening the church leadership. ACC has exposed us to various developmental projects like chicken keeping projects, MOM [orphan feeding] project, block making, and many others. As an electrician, I had the opportunity to add to my electrical experience. I am ready to serve God while getting my hands dirty in supporting my family in various family business.

My mission is to serve God into any capacity He leads me.

He has equipped me with leadership skill for His purpose. I am and will always be available wherever he will send me.

My message to my fellow graduates, let us ‘make a big deal out of Jesus’ wherever we shall be. Similarly, let’s not lose the network with each other as we seek to encourage one another for God’s Glory.

My message to the faculty, I am genuinely grateful for every minute that we shared under your guidance. Keep up the spirit. To the first and second year students, be focused on God and nothing else. To the prospective students, ACC is a place to be when you get the opportunity.

Be blessed and keep safe. God be with you all.

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