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Today’s post is from Walter Chuunga from Zambia. On 29 November 2014, he graduated with his Bachelor of Theology degree from African Christian College with a major in Counselling. 

I first heard of ACC in 2000 when it was still Manzini Bible School. By then I had little or no interest in attending Manzini Bible School. A few years later, in 2011, I heard that Manzini Bible School had changed; it was now African Christian College.

Immediately, that caught my attention, and with a burning desire to know what had really changed at ACC, I had to visit the website. I was amazed to see how African Christian College had truly changed. It was now offering majors in counselling, leadership and ministry, apart from theology.

I could not resist the temptation of filling in the online application. Fortunately, I was accepted, and in January 2012 I began my studies.

Preferably, I just wanted to study counselling because I was not confident that I could study theology since I thought I was not good in theology. However, when I started learning, I realized that theology courses were also interesting and important to my counselling major.

I also realized that ACC was a unique place to be. What made ACC unique was its integration of the theology major with counselling, leadership and ministry. As a counselling major student, I have realized that studying counselling and theology at the same time is good, because they are interrelated. Hence, I have confidence since I have skills from both majors, and I am confident beyond doubt that the skills I have acquired here will always help me in my life and to influence and give hope to others.

One other thing that makes ACC a unique community is the faculty and students; they are all from different countries and have different cultures. In 2012, as soon as I started learning, my perception gradually started changing, too, because I started learning other cultures and how to relate with others in those cultures. Fortunately, this way of student life influenced me to reshape or restructure my worldview; during this period, my thoughts were challenged both practically and theoretically, in class and outside class.

My deep and heartfelt desire is to use the knowledge that I have acquired from ACC diligently — complementing the abilities that the Lord has given me. I pray that, whether in the pulpit or in the field, I will work diligently, honestly, and with integrity to share my knowledge.

In conclusion, I would like people to know that I am excited to leave. Though I am excited to leave, I’m also sad to separate with this loving family of God. I will dearly miss ACC but I also feel it’s better to leave. I am confident that I will do my part since ACC has done its part and makes me feel that I have a great task ahead to accomplish.

My sincere heartfelt gratitude goes to the ACC administration and community for letting me to be a part of their lives and more especially for sharing their life experiences which was a great part of my learning experience. I am now ready to go out like a commissioned officer to share what I have learned at ACC.

To God be the glory and may God bless ACC!!

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