Changed in Thinking & Willingness to Help

Bright Himakampa

My name is Bright Himakampa. I am a Zambian, born in 1987 in a place called Mbala, Northern Province of Zambia. I completed my secondary school in 2007 and did part time jobs for five years before coming to African Christian College in 2013 to study counselling.

Since 2013, I had an opportunity to learn and advance in the knowledge of the Bible on how to read, interpret, understand, teach, preach, and how to apply it to today’s contemporary world. Majoring in counselling has opened doors of excelling in other fields of psychology, and now I am seeing myself as a changed person in thinking and willingness to help people who are psychologically and spiritually struggling.

Supplementary courses like Change Leadership and Entrepreneurship will definitely help me in future to be a good leader and business minded person. African Christian College offers quality education that equips students for excellent service in the kingdom of God and there are a lot of things I have benefited academically, physically, and spiritually.

From the time I came to the college, I have been serving as a preacher, song leader, and as a youth leader at my church. I have been involved in evangelism, served as a sports representative in the Students’ Representative Council and as a landscaping manager who worked diligently with others in trying to beautify the school environment.

I will not sit down and wait for a job, but I will rather be doing any kind of business or projects with the skills I acquired in entrepreneurship class at African Christian College. But I leave all things to our almighty God to do his will by guiding me in the ways he wants me to be and serve him.