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A Better Nut. A Better World.

Finding healthy foods you enjoy is challenging.

Macadamia nuts and oil provide you a great-tasting and healthy option for snacking and cooking.

Plus, 100% of our profits fund college scholarships for men and women in Africa.

Now, you can enjoy your macadamias guilt-free.

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Lady harvesting macadamia nuts in Eswatini, Africa

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In Zulu, the word 'ukwazi' means 'knowledge'. Though we know macadamias, our name reflects a commitment to more than just great tasting macadamias. A Better Nut.

With UKWAZI, you're also providing a college education for African men and women who would otherwise be without. 100% of our profits fund college scholarships in Africa. A Better World.

Meet students who have benefited from these scholarships.