College was a place to learn about myself

Calvin Mavuso, a UKWAZI Scholarship Recipient, recently graduated from African Christian College with a major in organisational leadership. Calvin is from Swaziland and wrote about the most important lessons he learned in college. Thanks to your purchases, students like Calvin get a chance at higher education and life transformation.


I applied to African Christian College a year after finishing high school. It was far better than other colleges around, and I was glad when I was accepted to enroll in 2016. It really was a pleasant feeling to see myself taking another important step in advancing myself academically.

College has helped me to grow spiritually, academically, and personally. This college has not been just a college, but it became the place I needed to learn about myself.

In my three year stay I got the chance to do a thorough self-introspection, which is something I really needed since I had a lot of personal issues that needed to be sorted out. The way the curriculum is packaged here helped me to diagnose myself and to also know what kind help I needed.

The hardships I faced in the last three years – socially and academically – and in my personal life have taught me one important thing: that without God humanity is dead. It is for this reason I have started to trust God for everything, myself and everyone around me, because doing something without God is just creating a futuristic nuclear bomb.

I want to applaud the kind of education African Christian College is offering. It is very crucial that we begin to see education as one of the weapons God is using to bring the world under his rule. As such, Christian education is at the core of this mission and transformation because history attests that humanity without God results in disaster.


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