Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning in College

Julia Rinopisa was a UKWAZI Scholarship Recipient and recent (2018) graduate with an undergraduate degree in counseling. Originally from Zimbabwe, Julia tells about her college experience supported by your purchases of macadamia products.


I came to African Christian College as a holder of a diploma in theology, and I thought that studies were going to be easy for me. The knowledge I had accumulated in my study and ministry work fooled me to think that it will be a walk in the park here.

To my surprise, when I got in class I discovered that the knowledge that I had acquired previously was just an introduction. In many ways, it was more like I was starting all over again to learn theology.

African Christian College shaped me emotionally, spiritually and my worldview was totally widened.

There were many things that were obscuring my view. Through the in class and out of class interactions, I got to unlearn and relearn many things. As a result, my perception of the world has totally transformed and I am no longer narrowed as I was before. One of the blessings of being here is that you are exposed to different ways of living through relationships with different people.

In all the courses I took, I observed that all my teachers were more than teachers; they were my spiritual mentors. Their passion was more than imparting knowledge to me, but they were also particular that I was growing spiritually and becoming more like Christ.

As a counseling major, I feel that I am fully equipped to go into the ministry to serve more especially those with emotional and spiritual problems. Moreover, with the knowledge that I have acquired, I am obliged to impact my community and the church as well to live a life that gives honor to the our Creator.


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