Transformation of the Heart

Emmanuel Mothae graduated from African Christian College in November 2014. As a Bible & Ministry major from South Africa, he was a UKWAZI Scholarship recipient, supported by your purchase of macadamia nuts and macadamia oil.

These are Mothae's words upon graduation:

Every time I have to write something about African Christian College I recall who I was five years ago.

I openly declared five years ago that I would never study anything that has to do with theology, not to mention being a preacher.

Not knowing that two years later I would be in a class working toward my first degree in theology. In a period of two years God had changed my life to the complete opposite of what I wanted to be in life.

Today I am proudly serving God in His Kingdom passionately with no regrets.

My love for the work of God grew within the three years I spent in college. Through continuous lectures I have come to realise that life is not only about me, in fact it was never about me. African Christian College has transformed my life from being a superman to the world to being a servant in the Kingdom of God.

I no longer live for myself but for Christ, putting Him first before everything, my neighbour after Him, then I am the least of all.

I know and believe that every graduate of African Christian College can acknowledge that it has transformed them in one way or the other. That’s what the college specializes with: transformation of the heart.

Like others, when I came to the college I thought I will be only studying the Bible. I was surprised that African Christian College is not just a Bible school, it is much more. The experience I gained is not only preaching, but I have also learnt to work with my hands. Again, African Christian College is not a just a Bible school, I am a witness of that.

I thank God for institutions such as African Christian College, Africans are being empowered to transform others and the continent as a whole.