Thank You for Making College Possible for Me

Ncobile Simelane

Ncobile Simelane is from Siteki, Swaziland and in November 2017 graduated from African Christian College. She is a UKWAZI Scholarship Recipient -- your purchases help students like Ncobile attend college. A Better Nut. A Better World.

These are Ncobile's words --

I want to profoundly appreciate the school for providing the various jobs which assisted me in paying fees and in many other things. I do not think there is somewhere else where I could get this education with this amount of fees. I also do not forget the quality of education from highly qualified professors and the other staff members who are completely dedicated in ensuring the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of the college.

The three years at African Christian College have been the best years of my life. This is because I learned more on the word of God, things that happened in the past, behavior of people, and how to help those who need help, among other things. I learned about many different cultures and how to relate with people from those cultures. I had no idea of what was going on outside Swaziland, but now it is more like I visited each of these countries of my classmates.

One of the things that I found outstanding is unity that comes from Christ in the community. I saw the power of Christ bringing us together even though we are from different nations.

The good times were also mixed with some bad one. Sometimes when I wanted to give up and leave everything, the community of loving people played a huge role in my stay and I ended up continuing my studies. Being relational is part of what this college is about. I

In conclusion, I am failing to find the calibre of words in my limited vocabulary to express my gratitude for what African Christian College has done for me.