The Riches I Found in College

Charity Kanyoza

My name is Charity Kanyoza from the Warm Heart of Africa: Malawi. I came to African Christian College in 2015 and in 2017 I have graduated with a degree in theology with a counseling major. And, I was able to attend college as an UKWAZI Scholarship Recipient.

My experience with African Christian College has been life changing.

I came with a mind-set of seeing the world as ‘Malawi’, but while in college my perception of the world (and life in general) dramatically changed. Apart from the impact of theology and counseling education that I received, being in a country with a different culture and in the midst of people of different cultures has played a big role in making me the person I am today. This has helped me to appreciate the work of God and topped the confidence that He is really alive.

In addition, the well-respected and highly-qualified teachers who come from very far to teach us have also impacted my life immensely. They have demonstrated what it means to be a servant leader and to sacrifice for the good of others. These things have nurtured me to start seeing the world, life, and myself with a bigger picture. Now I am ready to go and serve people regardless of who I am, what type of education I have, or how different we are.

Furthermore, college has helped me undergo some cognitive restructuring and the development of ‘self-differentiation’ which I never had when I first arrived. In addition, it has created a NEED in me to continue studying, especially in the field of psychology, so that I can plant a seed of mental health services in my country which is currently non- existent.

African Christian College is rich in all aspects of making you what you intend to be — especially in being a future young visionary leader, counselor, and minister. The end-product that this place produces is unimaginable. I can testify that what I have received is beyond what I expected.