My Decision Paid Off

Vuyo Fakudze, from Swaziland, recently completed his undergraduate degree from African Christian College as a UKWAZI Scholarship Recipient. He wrote this reflection about his journey through college the past few years:

 Vuyo Fakudze

Soon, I will be sleeping for the first time in three years knowing that I have no assignment due. Believe me when I say there is nothing as disturbing as knowing that there is an assignment you have not finished. You sleep but you do not really sleep. That is probably the reason why college life is exhausting such that the only thing you want to do after graduation is rest. The preparation one goes under at African Christian College involves being squeezed, shaken, stretched, folded, and unfolded. The aim really is not to make life miserable, but to make sure that the three years here are transformative. As I stand on the last few weeks of my study here, I am convinced without a doubt that I am an idea whose time has come.

For as long as I remember, I have always been interested in human development, especially in helping people be free to live as who God created them to be. I decided to enroll at African Christian College because I wanted to base my philosophy on sound theology. The question is: did I achieve my goal? I will undoubtedly put a resounding yes! I have always believed that I am created for a purpose and that is to help people live theirs. I want to be a voice which catalyzes greatness in people through freedom and leadership of self. My conviction is that it will take good people to make the world better but not the world to make people better.

Being in college helped me go deeper in understanding the plan of God for the universe. I got to realize that God is seeking to create a new world out of this one through the transformative actions of people changed by the gospel. Our calling is not to escape the earth but to redeem it through the message of the kingdom of God manifested in our lives. I learned that I can partner with him through sticking to my purpose and utilizing the talents endowed within me.

This has been an enlightening path which has seen me expanding my network. I have made friends, partners, colleagues, supporters, and family. I have made mistakes, some of which almost cost me dearly, stepped on people’s toes, and reconciled. I have seen myself grow as I helped people in any way I could. My sole aim was to help people be the best at what they do.

As I prepare to leave and relaunch myself in the world, I have no doubt that my decision to enroll has paid off. I am a better person than I was three years ago.


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